Hello beauties,

I do love a wrap dress. If you see my previous post I wore a wrap dress. I bought this dress from one of my favourite shops Marks and Spencer during their most recent sale.

I am still trying to build a classic wardrobe.  I like timeless accessories and clothes. I am also a fan of the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses and I think  these dresses are good affordable alternatives to the DVF wrap dresses.

I wore the dress with some velvet blue ballet shoes from monsoon. I then came across this pretty shop that sells ballerina shoes in london. Its a shame it was closed but i will definately visit it during my next london trip. 

Shop the dress below 

Tanaka x 

Hey beautiful people,

I am back. I took a mini break from blogging.

Spring is here and I am loving spring fashion, especially floral dresses.
I admit I was in denial for a long long time, but yes i've finally embraced the fact that I am girly girl who loves flowers and floral dresses. I also love wrap dresses, they are so feminine and I think they are very flattering on different body types.

Back to the topic of being a proud girly girl. Today as per usual had a random chat with my sister about "if i was a man what kind of guy would I be?"

It went something like this

Coco- If you were a guy what type of guy do you think you would be?
Me - I think I would be a player, how about you?
Coco- I think I would be a gentleman but wait if you would be a player as a guy why are you not a player right now?
Me - Because I am a female, i would so catch feelings trying to be a player.
Coco- Hahahahahahaha like a filling station. (YES SHE LAUGHS AT HER OWN JOKES)
Me- But i bet we would be such hot guys.
Coco- Yes and it is so much easier to be well dressed all the time as a guy, all you need as a guy is a few nice shirts and trousers and you are good to go.
Me - You are right men are so lucky they don't even need to spend as much trying to look good.

The convo got deeper until my sister reminded me that we were only speaking theoretically ...

This convo had me thinking after, would i rather be a guy? - Conclusion is nah, I would miss being a lady.

If you were a guy or vice versa what type of guy or girl would you be ? please comment below.

I've had a few questions about this dress even from random strangers. So i decided to share with you guys.

The dress is from warehouse one my current favourite shops. - SHOP BELOW

Tanaka x

                       Shoe cam -  Vivienne westwood melissa shoes

Hello beauties,
Hows your week been? I hope its been fabulous.
I love winter/fall  but I am still in denial so I am slowly transitioning from my summer wardrobe to my fall wardrobe. I shop everywhere and this look is an example of how I like mixing designer items with high street items and in this case supermarket.

 I found this unique Ralph Lauren tie dye cropped shirt in a thrift/charity shop I paired it with a stripped linen skirt from tesco f&F and some Vivienne westwood melissa shoes. These shoes are so comfortable and they definitely stand out.

Don't forget my giveaway is still open until the 25th of november for details of the giveaway -CLICK HERE .

Shop similar shoes below.

Tanaka x


Thank you for joining and allowing me to share a week in my work wardrobe.
I really appreciate all the positive feedback and love. I also want to say thank you for everyone who has been voting for me for the ZIMAA blogger of the year award.

I try and be adventurous with my work wardrobe. This swing fit and flare dress was a gift from one of my work colleagues, it was such a sweet unexpected gift. It's very 50's /60's and I feel extra girly when I wear it. My advice when building your work wardrobe is to build it slowly and shop in sales. We are approaching the January sales so take full advantage of those sales.

I plan on getting the same style of dress in African print. If you know any African clothing tailors  or shops please comment below.

As the dress was a gift i don't have a direct link but i will link similar style dresses below.

We have come to and end of a week in my work wardrobe.
I can't wait to see who wins the giveaway remember its open until the 25th of November 2016.


Have a great weekend x

Tanaka x

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